Cats have NO holding time set at a shelter and Dogs only have 48 hours!!! Below are some tips to keep your dog from getting lost and ending up at a shelter or worse.

Make sure your Dog has a Collar and Tag on at all times… accidents happen ANYTIME ANY PLACE!

Dogs who are 3 months or older must have a PA State License

If your dog does not have a license, you can be charged with a fine of $300 plus court cost

There are two 2 types of licenses:

  • Annual license which must be renewed every year by Jan 1st
  • Lifetime license which you must have a Microchip first

To purchase a license online:

Below are a list of some local stores where you can purchase a license:

That Fish That Pet Place Lancaster 237 Centerville Road | Lancaster, PA 17603 (717)299-5691
Bombergers Lititz 555 Furnace Hills Pike, Lititz, PA 17543 (717) 626-3333
Agway Ephrata 1731 W Main St, Ephrata, PA 17522 (717) 733-6593
JB Zimmerman 880 E Main St, New Holland, PA 17557 (717) 354-4955
Mussers 35 Friendly Dr, Quarryville, PA 17566 (717) 284-4147

You can also contact the Lancaster County Treasurer for a full list of locations where licenses can be purchased:

Ms Amber Green 150 N Queen Street Suite 122 PO Box 1447 Lancaster Pa 17608 717-299-8222

Use a harness for your dog when going out on a walk and ALWAYS use a LEASH!

Keep updated pictures of your pets so in case you need them, you will have them

Following Tips

When your pet goes missing and HFS gives you the Helpful Tips, PLEASE do ALL OF THEM as you NEVER KNOW which one will be the one to help get your pet back home.

Microchip your Dog and Cat: Tiny chip Huge Protection!

Make sure your chip is REGISTERED to YOU the owner

Make sure the info on the chip is always kept up to date (if you move, you must change the info)

Scan often to make sure it didn’t move or fall out (it does happen) so get it checked when you go for vet visits or just stop in and ask them if they can do a scan to make sure all is good

A chip is the size of a grain of rice that goes just beneath the skin between the shoulder blades. It is read by a chip scanner which gives an ID code that can be traced back to the owner as long as the chip is registered (but a lot are NOT registered and then there is a problem). A chip is NOT a GPS Tracking Device… do not get them confused!

A tag is best because some finders do not know about taking a stray to get it scanned for a chip and they just see a pet with no tags and often think a dump or an uncaring owner. Some do not look for an owner nor check for a chip, but if they do get it scanned for a chip at a local vets office, then your pet has a very good chance at getting back home or if your pet ends up at a shelter or police station, they are supposed to check for a chip. So a microchip is needed for a back-up when tags fail.

Send HFS a message if you have any questions regarding a microchip or where you can get one. You can contact us here.

Rabies Shots

Make sure your pet has its current rabies shot and make sure that tag is on the collar so if it goes missing, the finders will see it has its rabies shot (hopefully not an old tag) and can also get owner info from that tag as by calling the vet that gave it.