Funding Needed

Funding Needed… for what HFS continues to do with reuniting and rehoming pets such as paper supplies, ink, internet service, smart phone, postage, promotional items, website fees, PO Box fees, Audit/Review fees done by a CPA, QuickBooks fees, starting a new program on our HFS Rehoming page with working with local vets to get dogs that come into our site fixed and up to date on shots by offering a discount and HFS gives some funds to help offset the expenses to make it affordable for the new owner, and other expenses that pop up from time to time. We wanted to do more for the community but at this time due to a lack of a secure way of funding, we are just running on the donations that come in and seeing if we can maintain what we can support at this time with the services we provide. NO one is cutting a paycheck here like a lot of Non-Profits do to run their services. There is so much time invested in running this page to make sure it is run smoothly and effectively. The results you see often is due to this time and dedication put into this page every day, 7 days/week, 365 days a year! Thank YOU to all those that continue to support HFS in what we do to help the Lancaster County Community with our services we provide, since 2012.